Condo Space

A Condo purchase allows individuals to own their own space or invest in commercial real estate without the management worries. The Sundance Company will continue to manage these sites, allowing individuals to focus on their primary business and benefiting from our volume discounts.

  • Real estate still continues to be a good investment. Historically, low interest rates spark consumer interest into owning versus leasing.
  • Have ownership of improvements. Build-out costs can be costly. Many professionals have found that owning office space not only makes economic sense, but it also provides a stable, familiar locations for their clients.
  • Significant tax advantages. After mortgage interest tax deductions and depreciation write-offs, the annual cost of office ownership is well below the average cost to lease comparable office space.
  • Asset accumulation. Actually buying a property becomes security for loans, security for lines of credit and a tangible asset that will add value to your company’s net worth. It is also a way to reduce or eliminate personal liability.